All Hail-Storify

Storify! The social media tool that combines everything, all in one. I have long waited for a service that would be able display and allow me to make use of all my daily used applications-Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, all in to one area, and I have now found it. Storify allows you to create a wall type outline, or timeline, which shows you updates of what is going on throughout all your applications . It is up to date, and is a great tool for things such as blogging. You can easily pull from multiple sources pertaining to your topic, in an easy to use, fashionable outline. Not only is it fast and efficient, but Storify also allows for interaction, collaboration and feedback from others. You can get realtime responses and feedback from others users, something recently coined,”Live-blogging.”


Storify’s website gives a clean outline of everything their service offers users. Features include “Real-time collaboration”-which allows you to publish, edit, update, and review your story from anywhere, anytime. “Create stories wherever you find them”-there is now a Storify app which allows you to post content as things are taking place. “Immersed, engaged audiences”-which allows you to pin content and key stories along with notes, allowing feedback from others and also a direct link back to your site! And lastly, Storify is free! However, there is two options or versions. Storify Free and Storify 2 which you evidently have to pay for. The website clearly outlines the features of both to see which better fits you as a blogger and user. Storify is unique in that it provides an area to post about what interests you, whenever you want, and wherever you are, and even more importantly using all your favorite sources and applications to do so. The large search bar with various options such as “recent” and whether you want results to include “links” and “retweets” helps to narrow down the large amount of content that is readily available. Content can also be narrowed by which applications you wish to use, and from there allows you to easily drag and drop the desired material from other sources to your timeline. Once you’re ready, you can then choose which applications you want to publish to in addition to your Storify timeline. Users can simply click to post to all social media, or choose specific applications such as Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook, depending on the content. Storify is truly is the wonder tool of social media, incorporating essentially all major applications and sources in one area. If you haven’t used it yet, its’ absolutely time to start!