Valenti Sanjuan

Valenti Sanjuan is a multifaceted with many interest and uses social media to broadcast just that. Originally beginning with short comedy shows on Youtube, Valenti Sanjuan had a great presence on screen and his comic bits received a lot of attention and praise. Having been one of the first people to live steam a comedy show, Valenti saw an opportunity for mass viewing via a free server that people used everyday. He was quoted during a presentation in front of our class saying one of his goals was to be one of the “Best storytellers on Youtube”

With more praise, and his continuously growing Youtube personality, Valenti began using his channel to expand it to include other interests. He began doing extreme athletically strenuous competitions such as “iron man” and documented it via his Youtube channel. He established himself, and his brand “Valenti Sanjuan” as an entertaining, lively, energetic, adventurous, and passionate storyteller.


He became so successful in what he did that large brands actually pay him to endorse their products and use them in various parts of his videos. Hence, the brand continued.


And that was only the beginning. Valenti continuously finds new material to keep viewers entertained, and I believe one of the reasons for his success is the authenticity which he has with his work. One project he showed us that I found especially powerful was his documentation of him pushing a woman in  Barcelona Marathon who suffered from Cerebral Palsy. Not only was the video touching in itself, the way he described it in class was what really struck me. He didn’t talk about her condition or how difficult it was to physically push someone 26 miles, he talked about her as a person, how beautiful she was and how amazing it was to get to know her during their journey together.  And that’s one of the best things about his job, the people you meet and the stories you hear, and being able to share them and broadcast to thousands of people around the world.


Valenti is extremely interesting in that he’s truly one of a kind. He took what he was passionate about and what he enjoyed-comedy and sports-two completely unrelated topics and combined them to make it work for him. The underlying passion and interest is the same in everything he does which is what makes it so entertaining. However, he was able to create this own “brand” or image which supports all facets of his life and that’s what makes him truly unique. He loves what he does and it is seen in his work. I look forward to seeing what else he comes out with. I may have to make a Youtube account just to follow him!